Deadly wildfires deal new blow to Turkish tourism

Deadly wildfires deal new blow to Turkish tourism


MANAVGAT: Turkish firefighters made progress on Friday to contain deadly wildfires, which forced the evacuation of entire villages and hotels along the Mediterranean coast that have been hit by the coronavirus pandemic.

The fire that broke out on Wednesday east of Antalya, Turkey’s scenic southern coast tourist hotspot, has officially killed 4 people and injured nearly 200 others.

But they also threatened to scare away tourists who are just beginning to return to Turkey, which President Erdogan had hoped would be a boon to the fragile economy of developing countries.

The blazing flames dyed the summer sky with blood oranges, and there were rolling hills dotted in luxury hotels and villages, and these hills became dry due to another dry summer.

By Thursday night, they had spread to the Aegean Sea on the west coast of Turkey, spanning an area stretching 300 kilometers (185 miles), covering most of the country’s top resorts.

On Thursday morning, local resident Gullen Dede Teguin came to a five-star hotel in the coastal city of Marmaris. At first, he did not expect the fire outside the mountain.

“At night, when they cut off the hotel’s electricity and ventilation equipment, we realized the seriousness of the matter,” Tekin told AFP.

“This morning, we woke up in a grey rain.”

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