Dayma: Levantine flavors with a contemporary twist

Dayma: Levantine flavors with a contemporary twist


Dubai: Those of us who have tasted Levantine cuisine from snacks will recall the warmth and flavor of many dishes, as well as memories of family gatherings and small chats in our childhood.

Levantine cookware Dayma offers a selection of classic dishes with a modern twist.

Appetizers include prawns crescent moon-shrimp stuffed sourdough, shata (Middle Eastern hot sauce), ginger, coriander and lime. The crispy dough is wrapped with light and slightly spicy fillings.

Eggplant sfiha stars-yeast-shaped stars with smoked eggplant, pomegranate molasses and walnuts-are the more smoked vegetarian of Arabian meat pastries or sfiha.

Dayma also provides a choice of four launchers in its “Swinger Special”. Try various pastries and decide which ones to recommend.

From the dip, we recommend mixing carrots to perfectly combine tropical and Middle Eastern flavors. Unlike the original recipe based on smoked eggplant, this recipe uses beaten carrots and coriander, tahini, dates and coconut crumbs. The dip has a delicious sweet taste and an interesting sour aftertaste.

Among the main dishes, if you are looking for a more traditional or mainstream example of Levantine cuisine, try Baker’s lamb chops. The meat is tender and has a smoky flavor.

Want to try old style things cooked in a new style? The specialty of the kebbeh mini tray baking is the burghul pie, which is filled with a delicious filling of ground beef, caramelized onions, sour cherries and flaked almonds, with cinnamon.

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