Day 147 of curfew, lack of internet traumatizes IoK students


Srinagar: According to Kashmir Media Services, the continuing blockade and communication blockade in occupied Kashmir has also affected student communities other than ordinary people.

When the Indian government canceled its special status and divided it into two federal territories on August 5, it imposed military siege and communication disruptions on the territory.

On August 2, 17-year-old Mehwish Rafiq went to the last day of the school where she studied in class XII. When she was preparing for her dream NEET test, she was in no way hopeless to qualify for the test, because in occupied Kashmir it was a year of loss of education.

Mehwish took her board exams in October and November, when educational institutions were firmly secured because the school did not start in Kashmir after 5 August. Although she took the exam, this was not normal because she only completed 60% of the syllabus at school, but was good for 100% of the exam.

“After planning has been notified, it is very difficult to prepare for the exam if we have not been to school together for several months. I am sure students in other parts of the country cannot handle this. We are under great stress “Mehwish said he is preparing for medical examinations to ensure admission to medical schools.

2019 is the year of academic loss in Kashmir. Students have not taken classes since August and the three-month winter vacation announced on December 10 means that students cannot go to school for eight consecutive months. The loss also caught teachers’ attention. “If external students work hard, it will be difficult to survive in a competitive world. Gowhar Ahmad, a physics instructor at a private high school in Srinagar, said our students waste a lot of precious time so we worry about what they are will do in the future.

The lack of internet facilities has forced students to suffer even more pain because they have to apply for a scholarship and various competitive exams outside. Kashmir has been shut down for more than four months. “We have taken the exam and have difficulty finding learning materials because we usually download it from the internet. We have several academic obstacles,” says Faiqa Aijaz, another student who is about to graduate.

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