COVID-19: Search for 41,000 Tablighi Jamaat members underway 1

COVID-19: Search for 41,000 Tablighi Jamaat members underway


Islamabad: Pakistani authorities are trying to track down 41,000 people who attended a major religious gathering in Lahore last month, which was then spread across the country.

Of the tens of thousands of people who attended Tabliighi Jamaat’s annual five-day celebration in the Raiwind area of ​​Rahore, several tested positive for coronavirus. Authorities are now looking for the remaining participants to screen and test them.

“41 people at the Tablighi Markaz in Lahore alone have tested positive till now,” a senior official, associated with the National Command and Control Center (NCCC), told on the condition of anonymity. “We fear that nearly 10,000 more people in 60 cities may also have symptoms.”

To follow these people, there are 5,200 groups spread across the country, each group consists of eight members to care for the mosque.

Nearly 4,500 foreigners participated in the municipality and they are citizens of 26 different countries. Officials revealed that 70% of these people have returned to their own countries.

The annual conference will take place from March 10 to March 15, although the Punjab government has warned to cancel the party after the epidemic. However, an official explained that the participants had gathered in the Raiwind building for two days before the event was canceled.

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