Covid-19 cases top 80 million worldwide

Covid-19 cases top 80 million worldwide


Paris: According to official statistics from AFP at 0800 GMT on Sunday, since the pandemic began a year ago, more than 80 million confirmed cases of the coronavirus have been detected worldwide and 1.76 million people have died.

A total of 80,145,185 cases and 1,756,060 deaths were recorded. Last week, an average of 580,000 new cases were registered every day.

Europe is the hardest-hit region in the world, with more than 25 million cases and 546,000 deaths last Friday.

The individual countries with the largest number of infections are the United States with 18,945,149 cases and 331,916 deaths, India (10,169,118 cases, 147,343 deaths), Brazil (7,465,806 cases, 190,795 deaths), Russia (3,050,248 cases, 54,778 deaths) and France (2,550,864 cases, 62,573 deaths).

After Europe, the US and Canada make up the second worst-hit region with 346,636 deaths out of 19,479,293 cases.

Next on the list are Latin America and the Caribbean with 15,139,172 cases and 496,524 deaths, Asia (13,670,958 cases, 215,100 deaths), the Middle East (3,887,085 cases and 88,611 deaths), Africa (2,640,778 cases, 62,234 deaths) and Oceania (30,919 cases and 944 deaths). 

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