Coronavirus pandemic: nation gears up with govt, opposition on one page 1

Coronavirus pandemic: nation gears up with govt, opposition on one page


Islamabad, March 26: As federal, state, and opposition governments display a rare and harmonious unity against this deadly coronavirus, people across the country are struggling to “show a country, a goal” to defeat this epidemic.

According to official sources, the country is currently facing a coronavirus pandemic and by then there were more than 1100 confirmed cases.

With limited medical facilities and financial challenges, a virtual blockade has been introduced nationwide as federal and provincial governments race to stop the spread of coronavirus infections.

However, this challenge also offers the country a rare opportunity to unite and participate in a collective war against deadly diseases.

The global pandemic and disease do not respect national borders or religion or ethnicity. As the chances of curbing the spread of coronaviruses become smaller.

Sindh’s provincial government supplies most of the medical supplies she receives from China to help them effectively combat the spread of the coronavirus.

“Chief Minister Sindh has decided that out of the 500,000 N95 masks received from China, Sindh will keep 200,000 masks and the remaining will be distributed amongst Punjab, KP, Baluchistan, Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan governments. Yes together we can,” Adviser to Sindh CM on Information Senator Murtaza Wahab posted on his twitter handle, shortly after Murad Ali Shah receiving a huge consignment of medical supplies donated by Jack Ma Foundation and Alibaba Foundation of China, at the Karachi airport.

To win the war against the corona virus, the country’s top civilian and military leadership recently fought for unity and solidarity. “Disasters rarely have a global impact, as we see today. Countries have to go through difficult times, but only through unity can they survive. We Pakistanis must also unite to fight this pandemic together,” said President Dr. Alif Alvi.

“I am proud to say that the Pakistani nation has the capability to face any ordeal. We need unity and passion to face the catastrophe that has engulfed the whole world,” Prime Minister Imran Khan said.

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, president of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), announced a rare gesture against Prime Minister Imran Khan and the federal government against the corona virus pandemic.

“We should not waste our energies over criticism, the blame game and political point-scoring. It’s not the time to criticise the prime minister and I will not blame him or anyone. Instead, I should hope that he and every single citizen of Pakistan can win this fight through coordination and unity,” he said.

Shortly after a coronavirus case in Pakistan, Prime Minister Imran Khan organized a National Security Council meeting, attended by top provincial and military leaders, and made important decisions about the outbreak.

A joint parliamentary committee, consisting of treasury legislators and opposition MPs, was also formed to unite against this pandemic collective war.

A cabinet meeting on Wednesday formally invited the opposition to make fruitful proposals for inclusion in a national roadmap to address the situation.

An environment of cooperation and solidarity has developed between the federal government, the provincial government and various political parties (in the vault and the opposition seats), and the country’s civilian and military leadership is also on the same page in the fight against the coronavirus.

It is hoped that the country will soon win the war against the corona virus through concerted and coordinated efforts.

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