Coronavirus pandemic: Mini smart lockdown imposed in Karachi, Islamabad, Azad Kashmir

Coronavirus pandemic: Mini smart lockdown imposed in Karachi, Islamabad, Azad Kashmir


Israel: After a surge in the number of coronavirus cases, small smart locks were reintroduced in Karachi, Islamabad and Azad Kashmir on Sunday.

Federal Planning and Development Minister Asad Umar said that compared with last week, the number of coronavirus cases has increased by 2%.

He said that local governments have been instructed to ensure protective measures are taken to curb the spread of this deadly disease.

In Islamabad, different streets of three departments, two schools, 32 restaurants and 47 shops were also blocked due to violations of standard operating procedures (SOP).

Meanwhile, in Lahore, two shopping malls on MM Alam Road have been closed.

On the other hand, Pakistan reported 12 deaths from the novel coronavirus in the past 24 hours, and the number of positive cases surged to 318,932. The total number of deaths across the country has jumped to 6,570.

According to the latest data from the National Command and Operations Center (NCOC), 666 people have tested positive for COVID-19 within 24 hours.

In terms of individual cases, Sindh is still the province most affected by the pandemic, followed by Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Islamabad.

To date, 100,687 locations in Sindh, Punjab, 38,329 locations in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 17,296 locations in Islamabad, 15,520 locations in Balochistan, 3,045 locations in Azad Kashmir and 3,924 locations in Gilgit-Baltistan There have been 140,131 confirmed cases of coronavirus.

In addition, 2549 people died from the epidemic in Sindh, 2257 in Punjab, 1263 in the Cambodian Bharatiya Janata Party, 146 in Baluchistan, 188 in Islamabad, 89 in Islamabad, and Azhar There are 78 Dekashmiris.

To date, Pakistan has conducted 3,857,845 coronavirus tests and 28,893 tests in the past 24 hours. The country has recovered 303,458 coronavirus patients, while 483 patients are in critical condition.

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