Coronavirus: More 510 pilgrims coming from Iran shifted to Pakistan House 1

Coronavirus: More 510 pilgrims coming from Iran shifted to Pakistan House


QUETTA; The Taftan border between Pakistan and Iran remains closed for eight day today (Sunday) after a temporary opening.

More than 510 pilgrims have been sent to a Pakistani home for medical examination. Authorities told the pilgrims that camps, comforters, masks and food were provided.

As we all know, Pakistan temporarily reopened the Taftan border on Friday, allowing its stranded pilgrims to enter Pakistan after strict inspections.

A spokesperson for the provincial government’s spokesperson Liaquat Shahwani confirmed that 350 pilgrims were allowed to enter Taftan from the border between Pakistan and Iran. After the visas expired, they were taken to the border by the Iranian authorities.

Afghanistan and Pakistan have long and porous borders with Iran. Millions of Afghan refugees currently live in the Islamic Republic and are concerned that the virus can easily spread across borders.

Pakistan bordered by China in the north and Iran in the south is burdened with poor health care systems due to decades of under-investment in the country, making poor rural communities particularly vulnerable.

For decades, the province of Luch suffered from separatist rebellions, jihadist violence and the negligence of the central government, especially in preparation for emergencies in the field of public health.

The new corona virus has spread to more than 25 countries, killing more than 2,500 people in China and raising the alarm due to new outbreaks in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

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