Coronavirus lockdown: NCC meets to decide on easing or ramping up restrictions

Coronavirus lockdown: NCC meets to decide on easing or ramping up restrictions


Islamabad: The National Coordination Committee (NCC) held an important meeting on Monday, chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan, to determine whether the national embargo should be extended or eased, as coronavirus cases in Pakistan continue to rise. .

The meeting started at 4:30 PM under the leadership of PM Imran and included the chief ministers of the four provinces, the federal ministers, the president of the National Disaster Response (NDMA) and the provincial minister of Health.

Dr. Zafar Mirza, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister of Health, is expected to introduce the spread and death of the virus across the country, while Dr. Faisal Sultan, Coronavirus’ contact person, will give a brief overview. .

During the meeting, an effective strategy for coronavirus prevention was discussed and formulated, and treatments for patients with coronavirus were discussed, as well as the availability of hospital beds, ventilators and other resources needed by medical centers.

In this regard, NDMA officials will also provide reports on available masks and other medical equipment (including personal protective equipment in Pakistan).

Prime Minister Imran will give the country confidence in the decisions taken at the meeting after the meeting.

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At its last meeting on May 7, NCC decided to extend the lock-up period to May 31. However, according to the Supreme Court’s instructions, the market and mall along with the SOP are open to the public.

Asad Umar, minister of Federal Planning, Development and Special Initiatives, at the Saturday meeting of the National Center for Planning and Action (NCOC) considered the country’s new “pandemic” strategy for coronaviruses.

The government said in a statement, “The NCOC recommends that educational institutions be closed in the summer and until August the pandemic will peak in July.”

The meeting asked for feedback from several provinces on the “negative list” to finalize the proposal to open more economic sectors that had been halted due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

The statement read, “The forum insists that only [a] a limited number of guests, a court and a wedding room strictly follow standard procedures (SOP).”

In addition, Umar has instructed the relevant authorities to calculate the economic impact of the virus in the first quarter of this calendar year.

The meeting was also informed of the need for additional resources for intensive care due to the increase in pandemic risk.

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