Federal Planning and Development Minister Asad Umar said on Friday that Pakistan’s GDP growth in the fiscal year 2021-2022 is expected to reach 4.8%.

Coronavirus in Pakistan: ‘Danger is higher than ever,’ warns Asad Umar


ISLAMABAD: Planning and Development Minister Asad Umar on Saturday has called for unity in response to the third wave of coronavirus, warning that the “danger is higher than ever”.

On Twitter, the federal minister said that the need for caution is clear. “Need the country to unite in response and achieve once again what we achieved in the first wave, for which we received global praise. Inshallah, we will do it again, together,” he said in a message on Twitter.

The Federal Minister is also the head of the country’s COVID-19 agency. Take a small country like Nepal as an example. The country handles more than 7,000 cases every day, an exponential increase.

“Deaths also rose sharply. You can see the entire region is exploding with cases and deaths, in the latest covid wave. We have alhamdulillah been spared the worst by timely decisions.” Umar noted.

Pakistan reported that another 120 people died from the coronavirus, bringing the national death toll on Saturday to 18,797.

Approximately 4,109 people were infected with the virus, bringing the total number of cases nationwide to 854,240.

Daily data released by the National Command and Operations Center shows that Pakistan has conducted 48,103 COVID-19 tests, of which more than 4,000 have returned positive.

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