Coronavirus: Imran Khan urges people to wear masks, get vaccinated


As the country is fighting the fourth wave of the novel coronavirus, Prime Minister Imran Khan called on the public to wear masks, follow standard operating procedures and get vaccinated.

“Just by wearing masks, the chances of the transmission of the virus reduces by nearly 60% to 70%,” he said before taking calls from the nation Sunday.

We don’t want another lockdown, because we know that this puts the livelihoods of the poor at risk and weakens the economy. The Prime Minister said: “The Sindh provincial government wants to implement a complete lockdown, which is good because when the operation stops, the number of cases will decrease.”

But can we save the economy through the blockade? How will the poor, especially the daily bet, survive? Who will give them food to feed their family?

He said these are questions that need to be answered, and we cannot implement a blockade until we find a solution.

PM Khan stressed smart lockdowns. “Ban weddings, gathering, and dining at restaurants. Don’t call students and teachers to premises until and unless they are vaccinated.”

So far, over 30 million people in the country have been immunised and we are ramping up the national vaccination campaign.

“If you haven’t gotten the shot yet, go now. Get vaccinated,” the prime minister urged.


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