Coronavirus deaths surge in Brazil, Mexico as regional leaders look to reopen

Coronavirus deaths surge in Brazil, Mexico as regional leaders look to reopen


Rio de Janeiro/Mexico City: On Thursday, Brazil died of coronavirus more than Italy, and Mexico reported a new record number of cases because regional leaders in Latin America urged the end of isolation measures and economic Back to normal.

The entire Latin America has become the new focus of the coronavirus pandemic, and health officials have urged the governments there not to open the economy too quickly and avoid public participation.

According to data released by the Ministry of Health, Brazil recorded a record number of daily deaths on Thursday for the third consecutive day. There were 1,437 deaths and 30,925 coronavirus cases in the past 24 hours.

At present, the total number of deaths in South America’s largest country is 34,021, second only to the United States and the United Kingdom.

At the same time, Mexico reported 816 deaths on Thursday, the second consecutive daily record in the region, and the total number of deaths exceeded 12,000.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro played down the pandemic, criticized social isolation measures, and urged local governments to lift restrictions for the economy.

On Tuesday, Bolsonaro told the Brazilians that death was “everyone’s destiny”.

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador) also urged his compatriots not to overreact, warned of “mental illness” on Thursday, and pointed out that its nearly 130 million The number of deaths per capita is still much lower than in many other countries.

According to data from the Johns Hopkins University Center for Systems Science and Engineering, the virus that caused the virus to die in Mexico ranked it seventh in the world.

Since most of the population in Latin America depends on the income of the informal sector every day, leaders in many regions are keen to reopen the local economy, which is a sign of hunger and public finances.

Mayor of Rio de Janeiro-Brazil’s second largest city with a population of nearly 7 million-More than 10,000 street vendors are allowed to return to work on Thursday

Rio Mayor Marcelo Crivella told reporters: “One day, a child told me: I prefer to die of coronavirus, rather than seeing my family die of hunger.”

Later that day, during a Facebook live meeting, Bolsonaro encouraged the federal attorney general to sue the states and force them to reopen the beach.

Health officials say that in Brazil, there are signs that new hospitalizations are stabilizing, but the number of new deaths and confirmed cases is still growing rapidly. Many epidemiologists warn that reopening may be premature.

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