Coronavirus cases in Pakistan rise to 1408 1

Coronavirus cases in Pakistan rise to 1408


Pakistan reported 11 new deaths from the coronavirus on Friday. The total number has increased to 1,408, of which 457 patients were positive in Sindh, 133 in Luchi, 490 in Punjab and Khyber-Pakhtun. Heva province has 180 cases and 107 cases. Gilgit-Baltistan, Islamabad (39) and Azad Kashmir two.

According to the details, the total number of recovered patients is 25.

The government bans massive prayers in mosques

Under the supervision of the Prime Minister (PM), the National Coordination Committee (NCC) has decided to limit the collective prayers within the mosque.

Collective prayers are prohibited in mosques in all provinces on order. Friday prayers are also limited because only healthy people can pray in the mosque.

Saudi Arabia ends the North Korean agreement with Pakistan

As the new coronavirus pandemic spreads around the world, the Saudi government has stopped signing the North Korean agreement with Pakistan.

According to a letter from the Ministry of Religious Affairs, the Saudi government has prevented Pakistan from signing the North Korean Ha2020 agreement.

The letter further states that no agreement can be reached until the situation in the country improves.

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