Coronavirus cases and fatalities continue to rise across US

Coronavirus cases and fatalities continue to rise across US


Los Angeles: New coronaviruses and deaths continue to occur across the United States on Wednesday, and Texas and Oklahoma set new highs.

The Texas State Department of Health Services reported 10,791 new cases and 110 new deaths, and said in a tweet that both figures are the state’s “new high.”

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt announced on Wednesday that he had tested the virus positively, and recorded 1,075 new cases in a single day.

Alabama also set a severe milestone, recording 47 deaths, the highest number of deaths in a single day.

The disease also spreads rapidly in other states, especially Florida. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the state has recorded nearly 302,000 coronavirus cases.

California has also seen a surge in recent weeks, prompting officials to retake blockade measures. According to a report by the state’s Ministry of Public Health, the state’s single-day increase in coronavirus cases and deaths reported on Wednesday was the second highest, with 11,125 new cases and another 140 deaths.

“We are in an alarming and dangerous phase in this pandemic here in L.A. County,” said Barbara Ferrer, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health director, as she announced 44 additional deaths from the virus on Wednesday and 2,758 new cases.

“These alarming trends reflect behaviors from three weeks ago,” she added, saying that the county was seeing the highest rates of hospitalizations since the beginning of the pandemic.

She said there were currently 2,193 people hospitalized in the county due to the virus.

“Younger people are being hospitalized at a faster rate than ever before,” Ferrer said.

Nationwide, more than 65,000 new cases were reported on Tuesday, the second highest daily total in the country.

The latest research model shows that the death toll in the United States is expected to rise to more than 150,000 by next month. Currently, the number of deaths exceeds 136,400 and the number of infections exceeds 3.5 million.

Although the number of new cases decreased in late spring, as the states lifted restrictions, wearing masks became a political dividing line, and new cases began to rise again in mid-June.

Last week President Donald Trump finally wore a mask for the first time during a pandemic when he went to a military hospital.

Health officials have recommended the use of facial coverings to prevent the spread or infection of coronavirus, but many states in the United States have been slow to wear masks in public.

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