Continue Sindh coronavirus lockdown after April 14, doctors urge CM Shah 1

Continue Sindh coronavirus lockdown after April 14, doctors urge CM Shah


Karachi: Doctors in Sindh Province said on Tuesday that in order to curb this new coronavirus, “because of the large population of the city and the slum dwellers,” the provincial government should continue the blockade after April 14.

At the meeting of Sindh Chief Minister Mudad Ali Shah at the CM House, doctors and health professionals advised that the blockade should not be lifted, because if the restrictions are lifted, the virus will act like wildfire. They warn that if restrictions on social activities are lifted, the spread of the coronavirus may not be controlled.

“A large population of the city is slum-dwellers — they live in small house with large families, travel in buses [and] crowds,” they said, adding that if such kind of crowds were allowed, COVID-19 infections could rise rapidly as people would catch the virus in buses or on streets and take it back home, posing a risk to their family members and localities.

CM Shah said at the meeting that he needs the support, cooperation and guidance of doctors and medical personnel to fight the coronavirus. He adds that he will discuss this with the cabinet and other stakeholders.

The CEO and owner of the private hospital assured him that they would provide him with equipment, personnel and technical and expert support as required by the provincial government. They also praised the Prime Minister’s efforts and timely action, pointing out that if measures are not taken in time, the situation may be worse.

In this regard, Shah has established a committee headed by Dr. Azra Fazal Pechuho, Minister of Health of Sindh – together with Dr. Asim, Dr. Sadia and several other members – to develop plans, requirements and arrangements to deal with this situation.

According to the Sindh government’s statement, participants of the meeting comprised Indus Hospital CEO Dr Abdul Bari, Essa Laboratory CEO Dr Farhan Essa Abdullah, Creek General Hospital CEO Dr Bilal Faiz, Health Care Commission CEO Manhaj Qudwai, Dr Ziauddin Group of Hospitals Chairperson Dr Asim Hussain, Dr Syed Junaid Shah of AO Clinic, Dr Saadia Virk of South City Hospital, Dr Umer Jang of National Medical Centre, Dr Tahir Yousuf of Tahir Medical Center, Dr Ali Imam of Imam Clinic, Ali Farhan of Darul Sehat, Dr Salman Fareedi of Liaquat National Hospital, Zerkais Ankleseria of Ankle Saria Hospital, Brigadier Dr Waqar of Memon Medical Institute, Dr Mazhar Nizam of Patel Hospital, Commodore Kamran Khan, AKU, and Dr Sadiq Ansari.

The Emergency Operations Team (EOC) coordinator, Rehan Baloch and SHCC Commissioner Jawad Amin Khan, also attended the meeting.

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