CM Buzdar welcomes UK's decision to remove Pakistan from red list

CM Buzdar vows to maintain writ of state


Lahore: The Chief Minister of Punjab, Sardar Usman Bouzdar, vowed on Monday to maintain the state writ and emphasized that if the law is violated, it will move on.

The chief minister said in a statement that unpleasant incidents will be investigated fairly. He said that Islam is a religion of peace and there is no room for violence. He added that no society allows violence and extremist practices cause turmoil.

Usman Buzdar said the protection of the lives and properties of citizens is the foremost responsibility of the state and it will fulfill its duty at any cost. Everybody is equal in front of the law and no one will be allowed to challenge the writ of the state, the CM asserted.

Earlier on Sunday, Usman Bazdar said that law and order situation in the province is satisfactory. He said that police, Rangers and all other agencies are performing their duties effectively. Except for one place in Lahore where some elements have blocked the road, the law and order situation in Punjab is satisfactory, he said.

The Punjab CM appealed to the public not to pay heed to reports from social media and other unverified media and added that responsible government sources were keeping the people informed about the overall law and order situation in the province.

Usman Bazdar said that I assure the people of Punjab that protecting the lives and property of citizens and the rule of law is one of the government’s duties, and this work is being effectively implemented.

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