Clash outside NAB office: Court sends 58 arrested PML-N workers on judicial remand

Clash outside NAB office: Court sends 58 arrested PML-N workers on judicial remand


Lahore: Local court on Wednesday has sent 58 arrested Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) workers on 14-day judicial remand over clash outside the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) office on the occasion of party vice president Maryam Nawaz’s appearance.

At the hearing, the court rejected the investigator’s request to remand the remains of the detainees in eight provisions, including blocking roads.

Earlier, when Maryam Nawaz arrived at the NAB office, clashes broke out between angry PML-N workers and the police. The case involved the illegal transfer of 180 acres of land at Raiwind.

PML-N workers – who accompanied Maryam Nawaz from Jati Umrah to the NAB office in a convoy – pelted stones at police officials and tried to break the barriers outside the anti-corruption watchdog’s office.

In retaliation, the police used aerial shooting, shelling and batons to disperse the angry crowd. Several protesters, including women, were arrested.

Maryam Nawaz left the NAB office, did not appear before the Accountability Bureau, and returned for the second time.

“Police threw stones at my car which broke its screen. I am here to give answers to the NAB questions. Why did you summon me if you are so scared? Now have some courage to listen to me,” the PML-N vice-president said.

 She said that state terrorism and repression was demonstrated in front of NAB office, unarmed workers were tortured. She said that I stood outside the NAB door and asked them to take my reply but they did not open the NAB office door.

The anti-corruption watchdog had leaked the information to media about the notice. There was no allegation in the notice and the reason to call me on this vague notice was to harm me, she added.

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