Chinese medics meet CM Shah as 50 more people test positive for coronavirus in Sindh 1

Chinese medics meet CM Shah as 50 more people test positive for coronavirus in Sindh


Karachi: A group of medical staff and health experts from China met with Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah on Wednesday to share Beijing’s experience in curbing new coronaviruses. To date, this coronavirus has infected more than 4,200 people in Pakistan and caused more than 60 deaths.

As of the submission of this report, the provincial government has conducted 758 new tests, of which 50 samples were diagnosed as positive. The total number of examinations increased from 10,223 on the previous day to 10,981.

The nine-member delegation of Chinese medical experts headed by Ma Minghui urged the Prime Minister of Shah to continue to ensure that people are socially alienated, because this is one of the key measures to ensure that the virus does not spread. They added that the strict blockade of the People ’s Republic of China put everything under control.

The visiting delegation emphasized that quantitative food distribution should also be carried out in isolation, because any group of people would undermine efforts to curb the spread of the virus.

The Prime Minister said he had ordered the closure of all government offices, schools, business centers, factories and public transportation. He said: “This is why we contain it, but we still have to take more measures to save our people.”

Shah lamented that the lack of test kits and equipment made it difficult for the provincial government to test everyone. He explained: “At present, we are testing family members who have travel history and positive cases.”

Health experts told Shah that they will provide the provincial government with expertise and other equipment.

Another 2 deaths, of which 50 were positive

The Chief Minister said in his daily video briefing at CM House that another 50 coronavirus cases were found in Sindh province, bringing the total number of the province to 1,036, while two patients died within the past 24 hours, causing the The number of deaths in the province increased to 20.

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