Chinese doctors advise Punjab to ensure lockdown for at least 28 days 1

Chinese doctors advise Punjab to ensure lockdown for at least 28 days


Chinese health experts emphasized on Sunday that it takes at least 28 days of continuous lock-up to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

This was said in Pakistan by a delegation of Chinese doctors. The delegation is a local government in Pakistan that helps local authorities fight the coronavirus pandemic.

Experts suggest that CM Buzdar said, “Keeping distance from society is key to preventing the spread of the virus, and authorities must guarantee a 28-day blockade.”

They also appreciated the measures taken by the province to curb the spread of the virus.

After the number of cases increased, the Punjab government imposed a 14-day blockade on March 23, but restrictions were relaxed to ensure a smooth supply of basic items.

At present, the county has more than 1100 confirmed cases nationwide, with the county ranking first.

Doctors say this virus cannot survive high temperatures, which is a myth. The doctor said there is no evidence that the virus will not spread in the summer.

Experts had previously worked in Wuhan, the epicenter of China, telling officials that the virus should be contained as soon as possible.

Coronavirus patients should be treated in a quarantine center or hospital rather than at home. “

In their briefing on passive immunization methods used for COVID-19 therapy, they said that plasma therapy has proven to be helpful in critical situations. “Three antivirals have also been used successfully.”

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