China’s coronavirus death toll surpasses 3,000


Beijing: China reported on Thursday that the new coronavirus epidemic killed another 31 people, increasing the total number of victims to more than 3,000 and slightly increasing the number of new infections.

An outbreak throughout the country killed at least 3012 people. The outbreak first appeared in December in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province.

Since the end of January, most of the deaths (a total of 2,305 cases) and cases have been registered in Wuhan, and like other areas in Hubei, Wuhan has been unprecedentedly blocked.

But quarantine and other travel restrictions across the country seem to work, with official data showing that new cases have generally declined steadily in recent weeks.

The National Health Council also reported 139 new cases on Thursday, a slight increase from the previous day’s 119 cases, bringing the total number of confirmed infections to 80.409.

Only five of the new cases are outside of Hubei.

But China is now worried about importing cases from abroad because the virus has spread to around 80 countries and regions, infected more than 10,000 countries, and killed more than 200 abroad.

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