China says opposed to latest US rules against Huawei

China says opposed to latest US rules against Huawei


Beijing: The Chinese Ministry of Commerce said on Sunday that it firmly opposes the latest U.S. regulations on Huawei and will take all necessary measures to protect the rights and interests of Chinese companies.

The ministry said in a statement that it urged the United States to stop the wrong actions immediately.

The Trump administration took action on Friday to prevent the provision of global chip supplies to the blacklisted telecommunications equipment company Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., which has raised concerns about China ’s retaliation and cracked down on the stocks of American chip manufacturing equipment manufacturers. The new rules take effect on Friday, but there will be a 120-day grace period.

China ’s official newspaper cited unidentified sources as saying that in response to the new restrictions on Huawei, Beijing has prepared to include US companies on the “unreliable entity list” as part of the countermeasures.

In a statement today, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce said: “The United States uses state power and uses the so-called national security issue as an excuse to abuse export controls to continue to suppress certain companies in other countries.”

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