China reports no new local virus cases for second day


Beijing: China has no new local cases of deadly coronavirus for the second consecutive day on Friday, but progress in fighting the disease is facing a further increase in imported infections.

The decline in the country’s case offers a glimmer of hope for the rest of the world, as many other countries have been locked up to mimic China’s disease control strategy.

The death toll in China has also plummeted, with only three deaths reported by the National Health Council, the lowest daily death toll since the figures were released in January.

The crisis has shifted from a grave milestone from Asia to Europe, with 3,248 deaths in China surpassed by Italy on Thursday and more than 3,400 people killed.

There are already nearly 81,000 infections in China, but fewer than 7,000 people still have COVID-19 disease.

The virus is said to have appeared on an animal market in the central Chinese city of Wuhan in December.

At the end of January, approximately 56 million people were blocked in Wuhan and the surrounding areas of Hubei, but as the number of cases decreases, authorities are gradually reducing travel restrictions.

But China is now worried about the second wave of foreign infections, forcing multiple regions, including Beijing, to force international immigrants to carry out 14-day quarantine.

Last Friday, the Health Commission reported another 39 imported cases, bringing the total to 228.

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