China reports 29 more virus deaths, lowest since January 1

China reports 29 more virus deaths, lowest since January


Beijing: China reported on Thursday that the number of deaths from the new coronavirus epidemic has increased by 29, the lowest daily rate in almost a month, and that the number of new infections has also risen slightly.

According to the National Health Council, the current death toll on mainland China is 2,744.

Today, the number of daily deaths has fallen over three consecutive days, the lowest level since January 29, when 26 new deaths were reported.

The commission reported 433 new cases, with the exception of 24, all in central Hubei province. The outbreak center first appeared in December in Wuhan, the capital.

In total there are now almost 78,500 cases.

New infections outside of Hubei have steadily declined over the past week, but have risen Wednesday from five.

Although Hubei is still being blocked, other cities across the country are slowly returning to work, and despite schools that are still closed, Beijing requires people to return to the capital to carry out a 14-day self-quarantine.

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