China releases 10 Indian soldiers after border battle: reports

China releases 10 Indian soldiers after border battle: reports


New Delhi: According to media reports on Friday, China has released 10 Indian soldiers seized in a high-altitude border conflict in the Himalayas, and at least 20 Indian soldiers died.

Before the release, the two sides held several rounds of talks to ease the tension after Monday’s battle. In that battle, dozens of soldiers from both sides fought with nailed batons and throwing rocks at each other.

According to Indian News Agency and other media reports, the ten soldiers were released on Thursday night.

The Indian government did not comment, but the Indian army issued a statement saying: “After fighting in the Galvan Valley area of ​​Ladakh, “no Indian army is missing.”

Indian newspapers said that in the main general-level talks between the Indian army and the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, an agreement has been reached on the issue of release.

India and China blamed each other on the border of the controversial Himalayas, the worst battle in more than 50 years, and they fought there in 1962.

In a call to boycott Chinese goods, thousands of people attended a funeral for many of the 20 Indian soldiers killed in the conflict on Thursday. The flag and poster of Chinese President Xi Jinping were burned in at least two cities.

The Indian military said that 18 soldiers were still seriously injured.

China admitted to having suffered casualties, but did not provide any figures.

The two sides held a series of political and military talks with a view to easing tensions, but warned each other in public statements.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Indian Foreign Minister Jashankar held talks after saying that India “should not underestimate China’s firm will to safeguard its territorial sovereignty.”

Jashankar conversely said that China launched a “contemplative” attack, which will have a “serious impact” on the relationship between the two most populous countries in the world.

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