China-Pakistan vaccine cooperation reflects joint efforts to fight Covid-19: spokesperson

China-Pakistan vaccine cooperation reflects joint efforts to fight Covid-19: spokesperson


Beijing: Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said on Monday that the vaccine cooperation between China and Pakistan not only reflects the sincere mutual assistance between the two countries’ all-weather strategic partners, but also reflects the efforts of the two countries to promote vaccines as global public products. And improve the accessibility and affordability of vaccines in developing countries.

He said: “The vaccine cooperation not only proves our mutual assistance as all meteorological strategic partners, but also reflects our joint efforts as two developing countries to make vaccines a global public interest and promote their development in other developing countries. Accessibility and affordability.” The briefing will be held here.

He said that early this morning, a batch of inactivated Covid-19 vaccine donated by the Chinese government to Pakistan arrived in Islamabad.

He added: “This is the first batch of vaccines provided by the Chinese government to another country. It is a concrete step to fulfill President Xi Jinping’s commitment to make the Covid-19 vaccine a global public good.”

He said that both China and Pakistan are meteorological strategic partners, adding that since the beginning of the Covid-19 conference, the two countries have been supporting and assisting each other.

The spokesperson pointed out that at the most difficult time in China last year, Pakistan provided valuable support by donating medical supplies first among the first batch of countries.

He added that when the epidemic in China has eased, we will support Pakistan in fighting the virus in various ways, including donating medical supplies and dispatching medical experts.

He said: “The virus knows no borders, and we are together.” Unity and cooperation are our most powerful weapons.

He hopes that all parties will take practical actions to provide more vaccines to developing countries and contribute to the fair distribution and application of vaccines around the world, so that “we can eliminate the virus as soon as possible.”

When sharing the details of China’s vaccine plan to other countries, he said that in addition to Pakistan, China also provides vaccines to 13 developing countries including Brunei, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Laos, Belarus, Cambodia, Sierra Leone, the Philippines, Myanmar, and Belarus. assistance. , Mongolia, Zimbabwe, etc.

He added that in the next phase, we will continue to provide such assistance to 38 other developing countries in need.

He said that China has also participated in the Covax initiative led by the World Health Organization to provide vaccines to developing countries, and added that China supports our companies in joint R&D and manufacturing.

Wang Wenbin said that in terms of vaccination with foreign partners, China exports Sinopharm and Siovac vaccines to the UAE, Morocco, Indonesia, Turkey, Brazil and Chile for clinical trials.

He said that China also supports our company to export vaccines to countries that urgently need vaccines, recognize Chinese vaccines and authorize their domestic use.

It is worth mentioning that an aircraft of the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) carrying 500,000 Chinese-made Covid-19 vaccines returned from Beijing to Islamabad, which made Pakistan the first country to provide vaccines to China as overseas aid. All-weather strategic partnership.

State Councilor Wang Yi announced on the phone last week that he would donate vaccines to Foreign Minister Shah Mahmoud Qureshi.

The vaccine will be provided to 250,000 people, each of whom will receive two doses.

So far, two foreign Covid-19 vaccines have been approved for emergency use in Pakistan, including those produced by the Chinese company Sinopharm Group.

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