China claims no new coronavirus deaths on Tuesday 1

China claims no new coronavirus deaths on Tuesday


Wuhan: China reported on Tuesday that this is the first time that no new coronavirus has died since the data was released in January. A day ago, China planned to lift traffic restrictions in Wuhan from the epicenter of the infectious disease.

These two historical events illustrate the progress that China has made in the endless struggle against this pandemic. The pandemic started in Wuhan and has spread all over the country and even all over the world.

At the time of this announcement, however, it had always been suspected that the ruling communist government – already accused of a poor initial response to the epidemic – continued to deliberately underestimate the real numbers of deaths and infections.

To curb the virus, Beijing imposed an unprecedented blockade on tens of millions of people in Wuhan and other parts of Hubei in late January, and the number of new family infections has declined for several weeks.

However, due to the careful handling of new risks, the relief has decreased: the number of infected people from abroad continues to increase and asymptomatic cases are an invisible threat. Only in late March did authorities begin to relax their hukou, and Hubei citizens lived at home for more than two months. Isolate the province by having people return from other parts of China.

The last step is at midnight on Tuesday when the government will have people in the capitals leave the city.

A 43-year-old resident in Wuhan said, “Old people are very excited. They believe that because the blockade will be lifted tomorrow, they can’t wait to get out of their house.”

Another resident of Wuhan, nicknamed Yang, said, “I think Wuhan will be alive again tomorrow.”

She added, “People will be able to do what they have to do.”

A spokeswoman for Wuhan Municipal Government told AFP that as a result of the peak of the outbreak, air and rail services to the city have declined sharply and current outbound travel will still be limited.

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