China calls US accusations of hacking to steal coronavirus vaccine data 'pure slander'

China calls US accusations of hacking to steal coronavirus vaccine data ‘pure slander’


Hackers backed by the Chinese government tried to steal coronavirus vaccine data from the US-based biotechnology company Moderna.

China pushed back on this accusation and said, “Such allegations are pure slander.”

“Recently so-called sources from the US government have been accusing China of hacking to steal technology and data of U.S. vaccine research, but there has been no evidence whatsoever,” Wang Wenbin, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman, said in a press conference Friday.

Webin pointed to the fact that the intelligence sources were all anonymous.

“The international community can see through such vilifying ploys,” he said.

The spokesperson said that China is actually worried about potential hacking by foreign actors trying to steal their data during a competition to vaccinate against the coronavirus.

“As we’ve repeatedly said, China is leading the world in COVID-19 vaccine research and development,” Webin told reporters Friday. “We don’t need to get ahead by theft and we have never done that.”

The Department of Justice (DOJ) last week sued two Chinese who worked for the Chinese Intelligence Agency and the Ministry of National Security (MSS) for allegedly invading the US and international systems.

“The hackers stole terabytes of data which comprised a sophisticated and prolific threat to U.S. networks,” the DOJ said in a statement on July 21.

“The defendants probed for vulnerabilities in computer networks of companies developing COVID-19 vaccines, testing technology, and treatments,” the DOJ added.

According to the FBI, hackers targeted the vulnerability and placed malicious “Web Shell” and credential stealing software to enable them to remotely access the victim’s computer.

The suspects targeted eight victims affiliated with “technology designs, manufacturing processes, test mechanisms and results, source code, and pharmaceutical chemical structures.”

The US Department of Justice did not disclose the names of the victims or companies targeted by the hackers.

However, according to Reuters, according to the FBI contact, Moderna announced its COVID-19 vaccine candidacy in January and has contacted the FBI and learned of the suspected hackers in connection with the prosecution last week. Invasion.

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