Children among 13 Pakistanis killed in Jordan fire


Amman: Authorities earlier said on Monday, corrugated iron houses in rural areas in western Jordan were burned down by a fire, killing 13 Pakistanis including eight children.

Rescue services said “13 people died and three others were injured when fire broke out in a corrugated metal house” on a farm in South Shona, around 50 kilometres (30 miles) west of Amman.

They said in a statement that the temporary building was the home of two Pakistani families who were farm workers.

Spokesperson Iyad al-Omari told the national television channel Al-Mamlaka that 8 children, 4 women and a man were killed in the fire around 2:00 am, probably because of the fire Caused by electrical interference.

Jordan has thousands of Pakistani, including many farm workers.

House fires in Jordan are usually caused by residents who use inexpensive but dangerous heating methods when they fall asleep.

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