Chand raat bazaars, shopping malls to remain closed from May 8-15, says NCOC

Chand raat bazaars, shopping malls to remain closed from May 8-15, says NCOC


The National Command and Operations Centre (NCOC) said Thursday Eid bazaars, shopping malls, public places, and recreational spots would remain closed from May 8-15.

NCOC said in a statement: “The current surge in COVID-19 in the country deserves effective measures to prevent its further spread, with particular emphasis on reducing mobility during the upcoming Eid al-Fitr.”

NCOC issued a comprehensive guide titled “Keeping Home Safe-May 8-16, 2021 Eid-UI-Fitr-2021” to curb the spread of the virus.

All markets, businesses, and shops will remain closed except essential services, which include:

  • Grocery stores
  • Pharmacies/medical stores
  • Medical facilities and vaccination centres
  • Vegetables, fruit, chicken, and meat shops
  • Bakeries
  • Petrol pumps
  • Food takeaways and E-Commerce (Home Delivery)
  • Utility Services (electricity, natural gas, internet, cellular networks/telecom, call centres) and media.

Moreover, the ban on chand raat bazaars extends to mehndi. jewelry/ornaments and clothing stalls, the NCOC said.

A complete ban on tourism would be observed for both locals and foreigners.

All tourist resorts, formal and informal picnic spots, public parks, shopping malls will remain shut. All hotels and restaurants around tourist and picnic spots will remain closed.

“Travel nodes leading to tourist/picnic spots closed; focus on Murree, Galiyat, Swat-Kalam, Sea View/beaches, and Northern Areas and other tourist destinations,” the statement said.

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