Car bomb attack in northern Syria kills three Turkish soldiers 1

Car bomb attack in northern Syria kills three Turkish soldiers


Ankara, Turkey: The Turkish Ministry of Defense said a car bombing had killed three Turkish soldiers in Turkey-controlled areas in northern Syria.

The ministry said the attack took place at the end of Thursday while soldiers carried out road inspections in northern Syria. The area has been under the control of Turkish troops and Syrian hunters supported by Turkey since Turkey invaded the area in October.

“The three heroic brothers were hit by bombs during roadside inspections,” said the Department of Defense. It gave no further details about the attack.

No organization immediately claimed responsibility for the explosion.
Turkey invaded the border region of neighboring Syria and expelled the Syrian Kurdish protection group (YPG), which considered it a terrorist because it had ties with Kurdish rebels fighting in Turkey.

In the war against the Daesh group, however, these hunters were the most important allies of the United States on the spot.

Thursday’s blast is the latest in a series of attacks on Turkish troops or allied Syrian rebels in northern Syria. Four soldiers died in a similar car bomb attack last week.

More than 20 Turkish soldiers in the area have died since the invasion began and the incident has caused much criticism from the international community.

The United States, in turn, is seen as leaving the Syrian Kurdish forces that have contributed to the fight against Daesh militants.

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