Canada knife attack: Man kills one, injures six in Vancouver library


Police said on Sunday that an assailant armed with a knife stabbed a woman and injured six others at a library in the Canadian city of Vancouver on Saturday.

Although the motive of the attack is not yet clear, the police said they have arrested a suspect who is believed to have acted on his own.

The suspect is expected to be interrogated by detectives later that night.

“We know,  we believe we know,  the who, the what, the where, and the when. It is our job now to determine the why,” said Sergeant Frank Jang of the Vancouver police department.

“We haven´t spoken with him yet, but our suspect has had police interactions in the past. He has a past criminal record,” Jang told reporters at the scene of the crime.

The stabbing occurred in and near the library in the high-end community of the Pacific coast city in the afternoon.

Andrew Cocking, who lives 500 meters (about a quarter mile) from the library, told AFP that the area where the attack occurred is usually very quiet.

“I saw people getting tended to by paramedics, they were being given first aid next to a vehicle and also next to a restaurant, and pulled away on stretchers,” he said.

“It was quite sad, especially because apparently one of them was a child,” he said, adding that his father was at the library just 30 minutes before the attack.

The CTV network broadcast a video apparently showing the arrest of the suspect, who seemed to stab himself in the leg before collapsing and being detained by several police officers.

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