Court extends physical remand of Javed Latif for two more days

‘Call me a traitor or hang me but we won’t let Pakistan sink,’ PML-N’s Javed Latif says


SHEIKHUPURA: PML-N leader and Member of the National Assembly Javed Latif on Sunday said that “whether [the government] chooses to call him a traitor or hangs him”, he — along with his party — will “not let Pakistan sink.”

Latif is talking with PML-N workers, who gathered outside his residence to show solidarity.

A day ago, Javed Latif had made a controversial comment which was deemed “anti-Pakistan” by the government. Latif had said that if anything happens to Maryam Nawaz, then “PML-N will not say Pakistan Khappay”, unlike Zardari, who had used those words after Benazir Bhutto was assassinated. 

Following the comment, PTI Central Punjab had announced a protest against the remarks made by Latif. 

Addressing PML-N workers today, Latif said that even if someone sees the future generations of Pakistan “sinking” or moving towards a decline, they are expected to stay silent for the fear of being labelled a traitor (instead of showing concern and being vocal about it).

“Call me a traitor, hang me, but we will not let Pakistan sink as long as we are alive,” Latif said.

Workers are instructed to prepare under the banner of the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM), an opposition coalition of 11 parties that aims to remove the PTI-led government. Javed Latif said that some “incompetent people have been imposed on the country.”

Latif said: “The purpose of the parade is to get rid of this incompetent (government). For the parade, the caravan should leave every neighborhood and union council in (the city).”

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