Call for urgent steps to tackle affects of climate change in Pakistan

Call for urgent steps to tackle affects of climate change in Pakistan


Every year, meteorologists warn about the consequences of climate change. Some people believe that due to the annual increase in global temperature, this change will continue in the future under the usual climatic conditions on the surface of the earth.

Pakistan has been listed as one of the ten most vulnerable countries facing climate change. The country faces countless problems, such as extreme climate patterns, melting glaciers, rising sea levels, shortage of fresh water, floods, droughts, deforestation and desertification.

These challenges may be the cause of the serious threat to Pakistan’s life, because the country is mainly dependent on its agricultural economy. Rapid desertification of fertile land may reduce crop yields and cause food insecurity. In addition, the coastline along the Arabian Sea may be at high risk of flooding.

Some agro-ecological regions of Pakistan, especially Sindh and Balochistan, have already experienced drought-like conditions.

The latest annual report of the German Observer’s Global Climate Risk Index has ranked Pakistan as the fifth most vulnerable country to climate change, citing that Pakistan is currently facing persistent and severe challenges.

Interestingly, it is also shocking how some recent events can prove the challenging and threatening situation caused by climate change in the country.

When the Pakistan Meteorological Agency (PMD) announced the first monsoon rains in Karachi, the authorities began to worry that an increase of 20% in rainfall this year may cause urban flooding in the city.

In addition, the glacial lake outburst flood (GLOF) in the Golain Valley of Chitral has caused damage to nearby infrastructure and crops, which indicates that the climate emergency has begun to cause serious damage.

Although there were no incidents of casualties caused by residents luckily evacuating to a safer place, PMD announced that there may be more flash floods. Due to the continued high temperature, another GLOF may trigger flash floods. Pakistan has nearly 7,000 glaciers, and the number of glaciers exceeds that of any other place on earth after the polar regions.

A climate emergency is not a personal problem; rather, it is a global challenge because many developed and technologically advanced states have already begun to face the disasters caused by climate change.

A few days ago, a flood occurred along China’s Yangtze River, which was the largest rainfall in sixty years. The incident killed more than 141 people and many were reported missing. On the other hand, many others were forced to evacuate and resettle.

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