California becomes biggest US state to launch virus contact-tracing app

California becomes biggest US state to launch virus contact-tracing app


Oakland, California: On Monday, California announced an app that can help people track their exposure to the coronavirus, becoming a new technology that uses smartphone software makers Apple Inc. and Alphabet Inc. Google The largest state in the United States.

Starting Thursday, people in California can activate the exposure notification tool from the settings menu on their iPhone, or they can activate it by downloading the CA Notify App from the Google Play store on their Android device.

These apps enable the Bluetooth signal between the devices to determine when they are approaching, and then they will warn the user anonymously when the nearest contact later tests positive. In recent months, at least 6 million people in at least 21 million states and two regions in the United States have tried the system and provided apps before California. The same is true for states with apps such as Colorado and New York.

Public health experts say that the adoption rate has been lagging because of technical flaws in the earliest applications, privacy issues, and dismissive attitudes to taking preventive measures to avoid contracting the virus. But California officials hope that the application will be quickly adopted in states where many technical workers live.

The two most densely populated areas of the state and its agricultural granary market have been on standby for the past few days because the epidemic has put pressure on hospitals in the most populous state in the United States.

Since September, CA Notify has been tested on state university campuses. The University of California, San Diego will continue to oversee the system and provide users with a support telephone hotline service.

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