Business activities to resume in Karachi from next week, announce traders

Business activities to resume in Karachi from next week, announce traders


Karachi: Soon after meeting with the provincial government delegation, leaders from the trade organization said that starting next week, during the corona virus blockade, the city ’s business activities will resume in a limited manner.

When talking to the media, they said that the government team had agreed to resume business in the city, and stores in different departments would be open on different days.

They said: “We have also been granted the right to relax the tax, but we have postponed the discussion on this matter because at first it was important to restore the city’s business activities.”

Traders claim that Sindh is the first province in the country to impose a blockade. Therefore, it should give priority to announcing deregulation of business groups.

They said: “During the corona virus blockade, we asked them to allow shop opening from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.” They said while ensuring that the government-developed SOP is fully implemented.

A member of the government negotiating team, Minister of Education Saeed Ghani (Saeed Ghani) spoke to the media and praised traders for supporting the government’s measures. He said: “They conveyed some suggestions and agreed to implement the government-developed SOP when operating the enterprise.”

The minister said that initially 13 departments were included in the exemption list, and a report on the matter will be submitted to the chief minister for approval.

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