Broadsheet ends up paying Rs4.5m to Sharif family in London lawsuit

Broadsheet ends up paying Rs4.5m to Sharif family in London lawsuit


London: Legal evidence shows that the Pakistani government hired Broadsheet LLC to recover money and assets from the Sharif family, but ultimately paid about 4.5 million rupees to the Sharifs in a lawsuit in the High Court of London.

Broadsheet has withdrawn the Avenfield Apartments seizure application to the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom to seize and sell four Avenfields, and has paid £20,000 (equivalent to 4.5 million Pakistani rupees) to the Sharif family to settle the legal costs of the Sharif family. Apartments in Broadsheet vs. Pakistan/National Accountability Bureau (NAB) case.

The lawyers representing the Sharif family have confirmed that they have received payment from their bank account, and Broadsheet’s lawyers have also confirmed the payment.

Broadsheet was hired by Pakistan in 1999 to trace and recover assets of chief “target” Nawaz Sharif, his family members and around 170 other Pakistanis, but the deal has ended up costing Pakistan over US $65 million and no assets of Sharifs or anyone else were found — with the only exception of Admiral Mansoorul Haq.

According to legal papers available with this reporter, Broadsheet on 19 June 2020 started the process in the London High Court for the recovery of money awarded through two court judgments through the sale of four Avenfield Apartments.

Before starting the attachment process, Broadsheet (an Isle of Man company, in liquidation) obtained arbitration awards from the Court of Arbitration against Pakistan/NAB for breach of contract and damages in the sum of nearly $29 million.

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