Britain faces major Brexit challenges after last-minute deal

Britain faces major Brexit challenges after last-minute deal


London: After the UK reached a difficult post-Brexit trade agreement with the European Union, a new chapter will begin on Friday, as the EU envoy is waiting for a briefing on the agreement reached through months of difficult negotiations.

The country will now not be on the “edge of the cliff” in trade on January 1, avoiding high tariffs and quotas.

However, since Britain finally withdrew from the EU’s single market, and with the integration of nearly half a century, the EU’s free action ended, so major changes will inevitably occur.

Britain had been in a standstill transition period still subject to the bloc’s rules since formally leaving the EU on January 31.

Standing in front of a Downing Street Christmas tree in a video message late Thursday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson vaunted the hundreds of pages of text as “a “good deal for the whole of Europe” and a “present” for Britain.

The address was “a victory speech,” Anand Menon, director of the UK in a Changing Europe think-tank, told AFP.

“Boris Johnson was elected Prime minister to get Brexit done, he has now definitively got Brexit done,” Menon said.

Johnson has come under fierce criticism for his management of the country’s coronavirus outbreak, which has so far left almost 70,000 dead, the heaviest toll in Europe.

In recent days, after France and other European partners prevented the escalating cases of the new virus variant from crossing the border, thousands of trucks have regressed at the Strait ports.

Some people pointed out that the transportation chaos has raised concerns about the shortage of fresh produce. If the country leaves the EU single market without reaching an agreement, it may catch a glimpse of what the country is waiting for.

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