Boy, 9, steals car from Karachi's Sea View, let off by police with a warning

Boy, 9, steals car from Karachi’s Sea View, let off by police with a warning


Karachi: An underage boy stole a car in the sea-view area of the metropolis, was released by the police on Monday and issued a warning, and was allowed to go with his parents.

Earlier today, police from the Dalakshang Police Department took action on the nine-year-old boy and detained him.

Authorities say the child stole the car from Kayaban Mujahid. The “robbery” screen of CCTV has been made public and shared.

Police said the child was a resident of the Machar colony and liked to drive and stole motorcycles in the past few times. They added that the boy drove the vehicle until the fuel was exhausted and then left from there.

According to police, the boy’s father was a drug addict.

The police pointed out that they had warned the boy and let him go.

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