Blinken to return to Brussels for talks on Ukraine, Afghanistan

Blinken urges Yemen’s Huthis to halt offensive on Marib


Dubai: US Secretary of State Anthony Brinken urged Iran-backed Houthi rebels on Monday to stop their offensive in northern Yemen after he announced $191 million in aid at a donor conference.

Last month, Huthis resumed its efforts to capture the city of Marib, which is close to some of Yemen’s wealthiest oil fields.

Brinken pledged humanitarian assistance at a virtual donor conference co-sponsored by Sweden and Switzerland, the purpose of which was to raise US$3.85 billion to prevent a large-scale famine from engulfing the country.

But he warned that the suffering would not stop until a political solution is found between the Huthis and the internationally recognised government which is backed by a Saudi-led coalition.

“Aid alone will not end the conflict. We can only end the humanitarian crisis in Yemen by ending the war… so the United States is reinvigorating our diplomatic efforts to end the war,” he said.

Blinken called on the Huthis to cease the cross-border attacks and military offensives that he said had prolonged the war.

Saudi Arabia has repeatedly been targeted by missile attacks claimed by the Yemeni rebels.

“The necessary first step is to stop their offensive against Marib, a city where a million internally displaced people live, and to join the Saudis and the government in Yemen in making constructive moves towards peace,” he said.

The fighting for Marib has threatened the camps of internally displaced persons who fled there during the Six Years’ War.

The Yemeni government said that about 140 locations in the region have sprung up like mushrooms, providing basic shelter for the displaced, and the number of displaced is as high as 2 million.

The United Nations warned that if the fight for Malibu continues, there will be an imminent humanitarian disaster, saying that this has put “millions of civilians at risk.”

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