Blasphemy accused gunned down inside courtroom at Peshawar Judicial Complex 1

Blasphemy accused gunned down inside courtroom at Peshawar Judicial Complex


Police told Liming that an old man was killed in a blasphemy case heard at the Peshawar Justice Building on Wednesday.

A lawyer in court at the time of the incident said that the deceased had been filed under the blasphemy law. The defendant was taken to the courtroom from Peshawar Central Prison.

“During the hearing of the case, the complainant said that the accused was an Ahmadi and asked him to recite the Kalima-e-Tayyaba,” she said, adding that the complainant then fired at the elderly man and killed him.

The judicial complex is located in the high security area of ​​Khyber Avenue in the Canton. The Provincial Assembly Building, the Peshawar High Court, the Chief Minister’s Secretariat and the Government House are also located in this area. Security at the gate and inside the judicial building is also high.

The Peshawar Capital Police (Mohammad Ali Gandapur) and SSP (Operation) Mansoor Aman visited the court, and the man was killed. Gandapur said the shooter was “arrested on the spot.”

“At the moment we have little information but we have started investigation into the killing,” the CCPO said. Aman added that the weapon has also been recovered.

The police transferred the dead body (a resident of Board Bazaar) to the Khyber Medical University for an autopsy.

The police said that the first intelligence report registered the dead in 2018. According to the Intelligence Report (FIR), can provide a copy of the report. The complainant stated that the deceased belonged to the Ahmadi community and “become friends with him”. Facebook” and claimed in the subsequent conversation that he was the “fourteenth Mujadid”.

“He then invited me to have a discussion with him at a mall in the city where he started talking about his belief,” the complainant said in the FIR, going on to make more allegations.

According to section 153-A (promoting hatred between different groups), section 295-A (intentional and malicious acts designed to provoke the religious emotions of any class by insulting their religious beliefs or religious beliefs), section 295-B Section (B, etc.), prosecute the deceased. (“Quran”), “Pakistan Criminal Code” section 295-C (using the derogatory meaning of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH) and section 298 (using words etc. to intentionally hurt religious feelings).

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