Biden wins White House with 306 electoral votes to Trump's 232: US media

Biden wins White House with 306 electoral votes to Trump’s 232: US media


Washington: President-elect Biden won 306 votes in the state, the National Electoral College is to decide who enters the White House, against 232 Donald Trump, the US media expects Friday.

Biden solidified his victory over Trump in the US election with a victory in traditionally Republican-leaning Georgia, called in his favor by CNN, ABC and other networks.

Trump — who also had 306 Electoral College votes when he beat Hillary Clinton in 2016 — claimed victory in North Carolina, CNN and NBC projected, putting his final tally this time around at 232.

Biden has been the presumed winner of the election since Pennsylvania’s victory put him above the 270 vote threshold on Saturday.

Georgia is one of five states flipped by Biden after entering the Trump column last time. Since Bill Clinton in 1992, it has not been won by the Democratic Party.

Trump achieved a gratifying early lead in the state because the state largely voted in the countryside, but as Atlanta and Savannah began to list results, they eventually became the closest in the United States. race.

Biden has now received about 14,000 votes and is expected to conduct a manual recount next week. The audit of statewide elections has never brought the kind of reversal that Trump needs to change the results.

In the traditional Republican state of North Carolina, Democrats’ efforts to drive out black voters were not enough to overcome Trump’s loyal base of whites, non-college whites, and rural voters.

Trump, who has refused to acknowledge defeat, was due later Friday to address the public for the first time since becoming the projected loser six days ago.

It was unclear whether he would take questions or finally address his defeat but Trump has repeatedly referred to his 306-vote victory in 2016 as a “landslide” and a “shellacking.”

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