Democracy is fragile, Biden says after Trump acquittal

Biden seeks to reinforce ‘Made in America’ approach favored by Trump


Washington: President Joe Biden will sign an executive order on Monday to give priority to signing contracts with the federal government, focusing on American companies and products, and promoting the “Made in America” approach endorsed by his predecessor Donald Trump .

Senior White House officials said the order aims to “better rebuild” by increasing investment in manufacturing and workers to increase national production levels and save industrial jobs.

Within a week of the inauguration, Biden advanced his priorities through executive orders, although his cabinet has not yet been fully in place, and positions such as secretary of state are still pending approval.

The new executive order should reduce the possibility of skirting rules requiring federal authorities to prioritize buying US-made products.

Biden wants to limit the way federal agencies stamp the products they buy as “Made in America” in order to eliminate legal loopholes used by companies that often manufacture in the US only a small portion of the products offered to the government.

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