Democracy is fragile, Biden says after Trump acquittal

Biden plans swift action but Trump trial threatens unity


Washington: Joe Biden has promised to act immediately after taking office on Wednesday to respond to the coronavirus pandemic and revitalize the troubled U.S. economy, but his goal of secession and unity may be affected by Donald Trump (Donald Trump). Trump)’s destruction of the Senate impeachment trial.

The president-elect has promised to immediately reverse some of Trump’s controversial moves, and he can do so through administrative actions.

He has vowed to return “on Day One” to the Paris climate agreement. Trump in 2017 announced plans to withdraw from the international accord, prompting global recriminations.

And Biden has said he will also immediately end Trump s controversial ban on travel from several Muslim-majority countries, an early action widely decried as Islamophobic.

The start of the Biden era promises to be busy: An official statement Saturday promised a burst of action in his first 10 days, with “dozens” of executive actions and directives to follow.

But while Biden can make the consequential changes on the Paris accord and the travel ban with the stroke of a pen, the Senate impeachment trial seems sure to slow his efforts to galvanize the response to Covid-19 and to revive the nation s stumbling economy.

After condemning Trump for causing a violent riot in the US Capitol on January 6, the House of Commons impeached him on charges of sedition.

Trump conducted his first impeachment trial in January 2020 for his efforts to pressure Ukraine to help him discredit Biden, which lasted 21 days.

Now, a trial of similar length will paralyze Biden’s first 100-day plan, but based on his 36 years in the Senate, he has expressed confidence that the Senate can do two things at once.

After the House of Representatives voted for impeachment, he said: “I hope that the Senate leadership will find a way to deal with the constitutional responsibility for impeachment, while also working on other urgent matters in the country.”

Those hearings begin Tuesday, in a Capitol that has taken on an almost wartime aspect after the chaos of January 6, as thousands of police and National Guardsmen block streets and provide protection.

First up for confirmation hearings are four key cabinet members: Alejandro Mayorkas (Biden s nominee for homeland security secretary), Janet Yellen (Treasury), Lloyd Austin (Defense), and Tony Blinken (State).

The first confirmation hearing was held by four cabinet members: Alejandro Mayorcas (Biden’s nominee for the Secretary of Homeland Security), Janet Yellen (Ministry of Finance), and Lloyd Oss Ding (Department of Defense) and Tony Brinken (State).

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