Biden, once mocked by Trump, now the only man on campaign trail

Biden, once mocked by Trump, now the only man on campaign trail


GRAND RAPIDS: For months Donald Trump mocked Joe Biden for his cautious campaigning during the coronavirus pandemic.

But with the president starting from quarantine after testing positive for Covid-19 on Friday, his Trump train has now derailed, and Democratic challenger Biden was on stage a month before election day.

It is not yet possible to determine how Trump’s diagnosis will affect the White House campaign. The White House has been the most turbulent presidential battle in modern America, and it has been repeatedly overturned by historical events.

But ironically, the latest song in the seven-a-side showdown is ironic.

After all, on Tuesday night, Trump doubled Biden’s ribs because he took too many virus precautions.

The 74-year-old current Republican congressman mocked: “He may be speaking 200 feet away from you. He appeared in the biggest mask I have ever seen.”

In the first few months of the pandemic, when the 77-year-old Biden was quarantined at his home in Delaware, Trump despised “Sleeping Joe” because he was “hidden” in his basement- The accusations of his supporters are endless and repeated indefinitely.

But on Friday, Trump was a stooped man, and after he received a positive diagnosis, he was treated at Walter Reed Military Hospital.

Biden has always been cautious in avoiding public places and wearing masks in public places.

But three nights before Trump’s diagnosis, he was on stage with the president in the presidential debate.

Biden and his wife were quickly tested for the virus on Friday. A few minutes after their results returned to negative, his team launched a campaign plane and Biden flew to the battlefield Michigan, which was the key Rust State declared by Trump in 2016.

The gloomy aspect of a union in Grand Rapids has only a few dozen people present, and there is no obvious personal interaction with voters.

But the message is clear: Biden did not allow Trump’s diagnosis to subvert his own campaign, which has recently increased, including whistle train trips in Ohio and Pennsylvania on Wednesday.

Voters on the outskirts of Biden, Michigan, took a new path and offered their opinions. A woman held up a small sign that read “Mask Work”.

Biden’s speech while wearing a mask focused on the economy, but it also touched on the highlight of the day.

“It’s a bracing reminder to all of us that we have to take this virus seriously. It’s not going away automatically,” he said, perhaps a jab at Trump’s repeated insistence that the virus will simply “disappear.”

“But this can not be a partisan moment,” Biden stressed. “It must be an American moment (when) we come together as a nation.”


Biden urged people to wear masks, wash their hands and engage in social counseling.

“Be patriotic,” he said. “It’s not about being a tough guy, it’s about doing your part.”

Despite this, Biden avoided direct criticism of his opponent and concluded his speech with warm blessings to his opponent.

“May God protect the first family and every family that is dealing with this virus,” Biden said.

His campaign team said it will withdraw all negative advertisements targeting Trump scheduled to be broadcast on Friday.

Some pro-Biden voices want to know whether the president (despising Biden, attacking the integrity of the mailed ballot and the trail of opinion polls) is about to come to an end, whether he should act.

“Crush Trumpism, beat him. Put your ads back up. This is a fighting hour,” Steve Schmidt, an anti-Trump former Republican strategist, tweeted Friday.

“Magnanimity and grace in victory. For now total political war.”

Others recalled how Trump publicly mocked Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton after being treated for pneumonia during the 2016 campaign at a rally four years ago.

After months of virtual events or an in-person appearance not far from Wilmington, Biden improved his travel schedule until late August.

During this time, Trump crisscrossed and sometimes even held rallies with thousands of attendees. These are mainly held outdoors, but few attendees wear masks.

Only 32 days before election day, Trump’s campaign team announced that his event will be virtual and may be postponed until further notice.

At the same time, the Biden team announced a new event: his wife Jill visited Minnesota on Saturday, and former Senator Bernie Sanders visited him in New Hampshire.

Senator Kamala Harris, Biden’s running mate, in Nevada Friday. The 55-year-old woman’s test result on Friday was negative-Vice President Mike Pence also debated on October 7.

The next Trump-Biden showdown will be held in Miami on October 15, but it is not clear whether it will take place.

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