Biden insists he'll tackle virus as Trump pushes 'super-recovery'

Biden insists he’ll tackle virus as Trump pushes ‘super-recovery’


Warm springs: Joe Biden attacked Donald Trump on Tuesday, accusing the US president of bringing his campaign to the Republican stronghold in Georgia the week before the election, which caused a huge epidemic.

When the current vice president continued his campaign, trying to expand the campaign map and the interstate roads he won on November 3, Trump bid for the Midwest with his last breath to support the state that voted for him in 2016. But what public opinion The test shows that Biden’s approach is inclined.

As the campaign narrowed to the final day, Biden used one of his top proxies, the popular former President Barack Obama, to give the final debate for the Florida Democrats. This is Trump. If you want to overcome difficulties, you must win and get re-elected.

Biden, buoyed by poll numbers that show him leading the incumbent, drilled in on Trump’s coronavirus response, reminding voters that Trump’s chief of staff Mark Meadows conceded at the weekend that “we’re not going to control the pandemic.”

Speaking in Warm Springs, Georgia, Biden branded the response “a capitulation” by a White House that “never really tried” to halt a pandemic which has now killed more than 226,000 Americans.

Instead of acting as a wartime president to battle Covid-19 as he promised, Trump “shrugged, he swaggered and he surrendered,” Biden said.

“I’m here to tell you: We can and we will control this virus,” he added.

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