Balochistan threatens to cut off Karachi’s water supply from the hub dam

Balochistan threatens to cut off Karachi’s water supply from Hub dam


The Balochistan provincial government warned on Tuesday that it would cut off the water supply to the dam in Karachi as the provinces quarreled over water shortages.

Liaquat Shahwani, spokesperson for the Balochistan government, spoke at a press conference in Islamabad, accusing the Sindh government of reducing water releases to the province.

“Sindh is supplying 42% less water to Balochistan […] the province is getting only 7,000 cusecs of water from Sindh,” the spokesperson said.

“Chief Minister Sindh (Murad Ali Shah) had refused to provide Balochistan its due share of water,” he claimed.

The spokesperson claimed that due to Sindh’s “stubbornness,” the province was suffering a loss of Rs75-77 billion. “The Sindh government is hell-bent on turning Balochistan’s lands dry.”

Shahwani claimed Sindh had not provided Balochistan with its complete share of water in the last 20 years, yet it continues to complain that Punjab has not provided 17% of its share to Sindh.

“Our due right share, according to the Indus River System Authority (IRSA), is 10,900 cusecs, including a shortfall of 30% which is 14,000 cusecs, but Sindh is providing 7,000 cusecs water,” he said.

He said that the Balochistan government has raised this issue in various forums, but the Sindh provincial government “has always denied providing facilitation.”

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