Baby talk: important tips for feeding a newborn baby


Dubai: One of the most important things you must decide is how to feed your children. You can opt for breastfeeding or formula. Breast milk is the best choice for your child, but sometimes your choice is based on your body or your child’s needs. As long as your child gets the right amount of food and thrives, as long as your child gets enough food, it doesn’t matter which choice you choose. As a newborn, your child’s only source of nutrition comes from one of the options below.

Benefits of breastfeeding

It is generally believed that breast milk is the best choice for your child. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that infants should be fully breastfed within the first six months of their lives. For your child this choice is great and sometimes even impossible. Some women do not actually produce enough milk to provide the newborns with the food they need. Some babies have problems getting addicted and cannot learn proper care. If you are in the latter situation, you can choose to breast-feed your child full-time. This can be a daunting task, but if you can, it is worth it for your child.

Why is breast milk the best?

The breast milk formula is perfect and is the most natural way to feed your child. It is easy in the digestive tract and has all the nutrients your child needs. Perhaps more importantly, breast milk actually contains antibodies. This can help protect your child against many diseases, and babies who are breastfed have less chance of other medical problems such as asthma and allergies. If you want to feed your baby, you don’t have to wait for the bottle to warm up, it’s cheaper and more convenient than milk powder.

Reasons and best options for formula nutrition

However, breast milk is not always a family choice. Sometimes women simply cannot give enough milk to breastfeed, or they are uncomfortable or overworked to care for their children. If you need help choosing the right option, your pediatrician can recommend the right formula for your child. Watch your child for symptoms of lactose intolerance. Sometimes babies suffer because of this and you have to switch to soy.

After all, as long as the child continues to grow and receives the nutrition he needs, there is no wrong way to feed. If you can’t take care of your child, don’t feel sad. If you have sufficient capacity and milk supply, you can choose to pump and bottle breast milk. Today’s formula is better than in the past. Although still different, it is closer to breast milk than ever. Feeding your child is a personal choice and only you can make it because you know what works best for your family.

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