Audio-only social app has Twitter on alert

Audio-only social app has Twitter on alert


For months, people have been calling for a visit to Clubhouse, an invitation-only buzzing social media application where members can join a virtual meeting room for real-time, scriptless discussions.

Topics range from the “future of San Francisco,” with the city s district attorney participating, and Kanye West to startup pitch events and various off color conversations. Unlike other social networks, the platform is audio-based — not text — making it feel like an interactive podcast.

According to blog posts published this week by founders Paul Davison and Rohan Seth, people can join thousands of different rooms for real-time conversations on any given night. The “host” acts as the host of the conversation, and the host in the room can actually raise their hands to turn on the microphone to speak. Participants included lists of venture capitalists, technology leaders and celebrities.

In less than a year since its establishment, Clubhouse has become a recognized name in Silicon Valley, attracting 2 million users worldwide. According to reports, after the injection of funds, Clubhouse is now worth $1 billion. According to this week’s blog post, the company now plans to “scale up as soon as possible…and open it up to everyone as soon as possible”.

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