Asia stocks mostly up on lockdown easing

Asia stocks mostly up on lockdown easing


Hong Kong: Most Asian stock markets rose on Monday, further opening up the economy due to a lock-in ban, offsetting concerns about the deterioration of tensions between China and the United States, while Hong Kong sank again after shaking the protests over the controversial proposed security laws last weekend.

Donald Trump ’s travel from Brazil has been restricted due to spiraling deaths and infections in Latin American countries, but traders are watching more optimistic news that from Asia, across Europe and across the United States The government is lifting a policy of economic shutdown.

The Japanese prime minister is expected to lift Tokyo ’s state of emergency later on Monday, after lifting last week ’s state of emergency in western Osaka, while Spain and Italy are preparing to reopen the border to start their vital tourism industry.

Greece, Germany and the Czech Republic will also allow bars and restaurants to reopen, while elementary schools in parts of England will reopen from next month.

“Global investors are continuing to map the reopening of global economies to the overall risk narrative,” said Stephen Innes of AxiCorp. “The global stock markets are moving higher with positive changes in mobility data. According to recent mobility data, the global economy has taken a giant step toward normality in the last week.”

The Tokyo stock market broke through a high of more than one percent, while Sydney and Wellington rose by similar ranges. Seoul and Taipei are also higher.

However, Hong Kong fell by 0.8%. Last Friday, the stock fell more than 5%. Earlier, due to a proposal by the Chinese legislature to implement a security law aimed at suppressing its democratic movement, fierce violent clashes occurred in Hong Kong over the weekend.

The protests were the largest protests since last year, and the local economy has been hit hard for months.

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