Asad Umar expresses concerns over COVID-19 rising cases

Asad Umar expresses concerns over COVID-19 rising cases


Islamabad: Planning and Development Minister Asad Umar expressed concern about the rise in COVID-19 cases and said that the government has begun to impose smart lockdowns again to contain the spread of the pandemic.

He said in a tweet on Sunday that in the past six weeks, the average positive rate for COVID-19 was less than 2%, but in the upcoming week, the positive rate exceeded 2%.

Asad Umar said that in order to avoid an increase in the country’s coronavirus cases, the government has imposed small smart lockdowns in Islamabad, Karachi and Azad Kashmir.

He said the government was also instructed to ensure that protective measures were taken across the country.

The minister urged people to cooperate with the government to eliminate this pandemic, because success cannot be achieved without public cooperation.

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